PiemonteMio was started by Darryl Baldwin, who, after 40 years working in the City of London finally discovered paradise less than a 2 hour flight away: Piemonte.  Or to be more precise, Barbaresco and Barolo, home to some of the finest wines in the world.  Darryl and Les, his wife, live in a valley in Neive (the largest commune of Barbaresco) surrounded by hazelnuts (nocciole) and vineyards (vigneti) and have gradually made their way around the local producers and restaurants: a never-ending journey of pleasure.  Their blog records some of their adventures and experiences.

In 2020 the PiemonteMio baton was taken up by me, Evan Byrne.  Though our paths to paradise were very different, I, too, had fallen for the charms of Piemonte, and, specifically, Nebbiolo: for me it followed years working in wine retail via a year in Australia to experience a harvest, sell wine to the locals in Melbourne and even a stint at a cellar-door in Tasmania.  I first visited Piemonte in 2001, to work a couple of months during the harvest. I stayed 3 years…

In 2008 I returned – there was unfinished business between myself and Piemonte.  Between myself and Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Barolo.  I have lived here since then, making wine, selling wine, tasting wine, drinking wine and, most importantly of all, meeting Darryl & Les!

Why don’t you visit the region and discover PiemonteMio? – we can offer you insiders’ insights and all manner of experiences for touring the region and discovering PiemonteTuo…If you feel like discovering more, just drop me a line on evan@piemontemio.com or, if you prefer, give me a call on +39 348 166 3798.