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Driving in Italy

11 October 2013

Having paid €800+ for just 3rd party insurance for my 8 year old CRV versus around £300 for fully comprehensive cover in the UK, I thought I would share some observations:

1. Most Italians think the Fiat they are driving is a Ferrari

2. Any space exceeding 1 car length between cars must be filled immediately.

3. Most Italian cars appear not to be fitted with indicators and on the odd occasion when they are fitted/used take them with a pinch of salt. Only yesterday when I attempted to pass a lorry that was indicating right it turned left.

4. Any car travelling in any volume of traffic slightly slower than you must be overtaken immediately. The ultimate example was being overtaken by a smart car  while driving on a motorway at 130kph on the autostrada. Blind bends are not an obstacle.

5. Don’t assume that your indicating will be taken seriously, slowing down or coming to a halt is merely an invitation to be passed. I have been overtaken in a car park on the inside as I  indicated and slowed to turn into a vacant space.

6. Bluetooth (i.e. handsfree) hasn’t yet made it to Italy although love of mobile phones has. Around a quarter of all motorists have a phone to their ear, leaving the other hand free for a cigarette.

7. The sheer number of car-body workshops around doesn’t lie

Buon viaggio



2 Comments to “Driving in Italy”

  1. We have been living in Piemonte for over a year now and I had been thinking of starting a blog site to relate our experiences especially those that we are encountering with remodernising etc. Tonight I was looking at other sites when i found yours. The Driving in Italy list really made us laugh I couldn’t agree more however I do suspect the longer we drive here the more like them we become. I noticed this when we were driving back in the uk before christmas. I guess if you can’t beat them join them !!

    • Darryl Baldwin

      Thanks for your comment. Let me know if and when you start your blog. darryl

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